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Texans kick the Browns booty and now ready to take on the Bucs from Tampa →

I finally got to watch my Texans live at Reliant Stadium on the 6th of November which I shall always remember LoL. Anyway everything clicked for the Texans against the Browns. Arian Foster and Ben Tate ran the ball down the Browns defense throats, while Schuab had a great day through the air. The defense had no trouble stopping the run or the pass. Im a big Colt Mccoy fan, but the Texans D pressured him to death. Their running game was working so the Browns balance didnt help Mccoy in the passing game, as he got sacked and slaugthered back there. Next up are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this team is not a push over but if the Texans keep rolling on all cylinders, they should have this win in the bag. I added one image of a camera shot I took from my phone during the game. LETS GO TEXANS!!!Watching my Texans kick some bootyBen Tate running all over the Browns

HOUSTON TEXANS take on the Jacksonville Jaguars! Lets GO TEXANS!

Here is a recap of the highlights from the game last week, Houston Texans vs the Tennessee Titans, and way to go Texans for just rolling over the Titans. Next we have the Jacksonville Jaguars and were on par with the Baltimore Ravens and never let up and won the game. Both defenses were stingy but Baltimore doesnt have the fire power that the Houston Texans have on offense, so I see the Texans scoring at least 20+ points on them. Like Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones Drew had a terrible game against the Ravens but enough to help beat them. If the Texans can contain Jones Drew, the Texans shouldnt have a problem defensively as Gabert is an okay passer(not a Aaron Rodgers, Brady, Rivers or Brees). With the way the Texans have been rolling, they have a chance for winning streak which then starts with the Jaguars. Andre Johnson will not be participating in this division game but if the Texans can roll without him this game and get the W, the Texans are going to be an even bigger rolling ball of fire when he returns to the offensive lineup. LETS GET SOME JAGUAR BOOTY !!! LETS GO TEXANS!!!Flying FosterHouston Texans defense

Houston will rebound against their rival foes the Tennesse Titans →

Ray Lewis tackling a Arian FosterThe Texans have lost two straight games against an okay Oakland Raiders team after the emotional death of Al Davis (Raiders owner) and a really hot team the Baltimore Ravens. The Texans have also lost two key players in Mario Williams and Andre Johnson and are still having success offensively and defensively. The only thing holding them back is winning these close games. This week they play one of their arch nemesis the Tennesse Titans on Sunday, 23rd at 12:00 central, which should be a great game to watch. Both teams are the top 2 teams of their division, and both are rolling even though have have losses. The Texans should win this one if they are able to score from the redzone with no problems. The Texans stingy D should be able to stop Hasselback and hopefully contain Chris Johnson. LETS GO TEXANS!!!!!!.Texans D

Naruto Shippuden!! Manga 560! Must READ!!! Uchiha Madara →

Madara UchihaLast chapter was pretty darn great, and well this chapter is a def must read. Check it out asap ! Its getting better and a long fight with those kages from the Rock and the Mist.

Houston Texans ready to kick some Steelers booty →

Yes the Texans lost a close one against the New Orleans Saints, and of course the Texans still need a lot of work in order to get better. The New Orlean Saints arent no push over as their offense is a huge juggernaut with Drew Brees at the qb spot. I do believe that the Texans can run and pass all over the tough Pittsburg Steelers defense this weekend. The Houston Texans D in my opinion will be doing the raping, as they will try to stop Ben Rapelisberger and his offense as well. The last time they met, the Steelers mopped the floor with the Texans, which I believe is time for payback. LETS GO TEXANS!!! Kick some black and yellow booty, lay the smack down on them. Ben Tate scoring on the Saints D

Naruto Shippuden is back, episode 229 "Eat or Die! Mushrooms from hell" →

naruto Pretty good episode considering it was another filler, episode 229 is about their journey to the Land of Lightning, if your a Naruto fan keeping up with the episodes youll def like this one. If you have been reading the mangas youll probably find this episode a bit boring, as for your new comers, Id suggest to start from Naruto the original and than move on to Naruto Shippuden.Ha I know this picture is boring, but I havent seen Shino do much in a while

Naruto Shippuden 229 "Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell" will not air this week:( →

Episode 229 will not air this week so we will have to wait for next week for the next filler on September 22nd. By the way I believe that we might be getting back to the story after this the 22nd hopefully, but thats just my opinion.Naruto munching on some ramen

Houston Texans lose final preseason game to the Vikings! →

Here is the recap, but who really cares about the 4th and final preseason game of the season except for the coaches. This week the Houston Texans will take on the Indianapolis Colts, and this time I honestly believe the Texans first team are clicking on all cylinders. With Peyton Manning out due to injury, I believe the Texans can take this game no doubt. Arian Foster is still questionable about playing but if he isnt the Texans have a great line to open up holes for some impressive backups. If Foster is in, I hope he runs the ball down their throats again like he did last year. Matt Schuabs passing game should open right up as well with Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, Kevin Walters, Owen Daniels and the rest of the wideout core. Defensively we have some monsters ready to kick some booty with JJ Watt, Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing, Bernarn Pollard and many others to kick some tail. LETS GO TEXANS and good luck in week 1Arian Foster running all over the Colts in 2010

Naruto SHippuden episode 228, "Fight! Rock Lee!!" →

Drunken MasterHere is another episode of Naruto Shippuden which is another filler this week. Gosh darn those fillers are boring but thats how these long animes work. If  you like Rock Lee and Guy Sensei youll love the episode, otherwise youll be okay if you skip it.